Let it Roll Ebook- Amazon Best Seller

Let it Roll book


A huge thank you to everyone who supported the Ebook launch of “Let it Roll”. It was phenomenal!


On Amazon Australia, “Let it Roll” Ebook edition was the Best Seller in more than 10 categories including  “Pain Management”, “Musculoskeletal Diseases”, “Women’s Health”, “Aging”, “Healthy Living”, “Medical Ebooks” and “Physical Therapy”. It was at number 22 on Kindle Ebooks on launch day in Australia. Amazing!

Amazon best seller Australia



Amazon best seller


On Amazon USA  “Let it Roll” Ebook became the Best seller in “Physical Therapy” ebooks and number 2 in “Chronic Pain” and “Pilates”. Astonishingly it also ranked number 5 in both “Ab Workouts” and the “Injury and Rehabilitation ” categories . It was also number 9 in “Quick Workouts”, 11th in “Pain Management” and 13th in the “Weight Training” categories.
Kindle Ebooks in the US is massive so this was an incredible achievement.

Best seller Amazon USA


Today, many of those rankings are holding which is fantastic. More eyes are seeing this very useful book.
Here is the link to purchase your ebook  https://www.amazon.com.au/Let-Roll-Conquer-Create-Flexible-ebook/dp/B097QZ2MHR/
or purchase a hard copy from our shop- https://physioonaroll.com.au/our-shop/