3 Quick ‘Feel Good’ foam roller exercises

3 Quick ‘Feel Good’ foam roller exercises Image

Level: Beginner,  Intermediate, Advanced

The following 3, quick, feel good foam roller exercises have always been popular with my clients. They take minimal effort for maximum reward.

Quite simply they make you feel better with only 5 minutes of effort.

So, whether  you sit at a desk all day, have a niggly lower back or have just completed your workout, these 3 exercises are ideal for stretching tight pecs and hip flexors. They also soothe sore necks and lower backs as well as easing stiffness through your thoracic spine.

As always with these routines,  full descriptions are available under the indexed exercise list.

Thoracic Roll Out:




Hip Flexor Stretch:

Starfish Stretch:


strafish stretch on a roller

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