Frog stretch with a roller

Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Frog stretch with a roller is a simple lower back, shoulder and groin release performed on the floor. It is similar to a ‘childs pose’ in Yoga and helps to elongate the back, open up the hips and loosen the shoulders.

frog stretch with a roller


  • in kneeling, place roller  horizontally on the floor in front of you,
  • place wrists wide, on top of the roller,  at each end, hands flopping over the roller
  • put feet together, knees apart,
  • lower buttocks towards heels, letting knees slide further apart,
  • let head rest on the floor and hands drop over roller,
  • hold for 30- 60  seconds.

frog stretch with a roller



  • just do the frog stretch in the range that is comfortable,
  • there should be no knee pain or lower back pain or shoulder pain,
  • breathe throughout the stretch.
  • if your knees are sore add a pillow in-between as shown below

frog stretch with pillow support