Calf stretch/release with a Roller

Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced


Calf stretch with a Roller:

The roller can also be used quite simply to stretch both of the calf muscles in a step stance position.


  1. place the roller on the floor, about 30-40cm in front of you,  perpendicular to your foot, against a wall or piece of furniture so that it doesn’t roll away,
  2. place your  forefoot lightly on the top side of the roller, leaving your heel on the floor,
  3. keep your knee straight,
  4. bend forward from the hip, about 30 °,
  5. you should feel the stretch in the main part of your calf (the gastrocs)
  6. hold for 20-30 seconds,gastrocs stretch with a roller
  7. now bend the knee of the leg you are stretching, slightly,  to feel the stretch lower down into the achilles and the second muscle in the calf, the soleus, * see tips below
  8. hold for 20-30 seconds,
  9. repeat on the other leg.

soleus stretch with a roller


  • you may need to bend forward more at the hips, particularly with the soleus stretch to make it more comfortable,
  • you may need to bend slightly at the knee on the leg that you are not stretching too.


Calf Release:



  1. in long sitting on the floor, place the roller underneath your legs at mid calf level,
  2. both arms should be beside your body with palms flat on the floor, at hip level,
  3. gently tighten deep tummy and shoulder blade muscles and push through your hands to lift your  bottom off the floor,
  4. then roll your calf muscles back and forth on the roller for 30-60 seconds.


  • make sure you do not hold your breath, breathe normally throughout the exercise,
  • relax your neck and shoulders and keep shoulder blades engaged to support your body weight without straining your neck or shoulders,
  • cross your opposite leg over the other leg, at the shin,  to increase the stretch, and roll up and down and also a little side to side,
  • avoid the ankle and knee joint.