Quads stretch with a roller

Quads stretch with a roller

Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Quads stretch: this is a simple, fast and effective stretch, with a roller for the muscles at the front of the thigh.

Set Up:

  • in standing, lumbar spine neutral, feet hip width apart with knees slightly bent,
  • upright roller should be beside you, with palm of one hand resting lightly on top.


  1. using one hand on top of the roller for balance,
  2. bend opposite leg at the knee and lift the heel towards the buttocks, using your free hand to hold the leg at the ankle,
  3. you should feel the stretch at the front of the thigh,
  4. hold for 20-30 seconds,
  5. move roller to the other side of your body ,
  6. repeat the quads stretch with a roller on the other leg.
quads stretch in standing with a roller


  • keep the knee of the leg that you are standing on slightly bent throughout stretch,
  • try to keep weight into the heel of this foot as well, to help with balance,
  • if you can’t reach your ankle with your hand to hold the stretch, use a heavy resistance thera-band, or towel, looped around the ankle to assist,
  • take your hand from the roller if you want to test your balance further,
  • take your thigh further behind you to increase the stretch but maintain a neutral lumbar spine,
  • keep your neck and shoulders relaxed throughout.
  • try a quads release/massage on the roller on the floor especially post exercise.