Quads release/massage

Quads release/massage

Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

This is another simple, yet effective quads release/massage with a roller for the powerful muscles that sit on the front of the thigh; the quadriceps. It can be quite uncomfortable but does improve with practice. Try to roll the entire length of your quads initially to see where you are most uncomfortable and then concentrate on that area. Be sure to keep your toes on the floor if you find the quads release/massage is really unpleasant.

Set Up:

  • place roller on the floor, horizontally,
  • gently lower body to the floor so that the front of the thighs, about mid thigh level  are resting on the roller,
  • forearms should be resting on the floor, elbows aligned under shoulders,  with  knees and toes resting on the floor,
  • chin should be lightly tucked with neck lengthened and ears aligned with shoulders, hips and ankles.


  1. gently tighten deep tummy, turn on the shoulder blade muscles a little, and then lift knees and toes from the floor, keep legs straight and hip width apart,
  2. using forearms, gently roll along the length of your thigh or quads muscles, from hip level to knee level,
  3. continue for 1-3 minutes, concentrating on particularly “tight” areas,  as tolerated.
quads massage with a roller


  • if it is too uncomfortable, keep toes on the floor,
  • if it is still difficult to tolerate, take more body weight through forearms,
  • try to keep chin tucked and head in line with body throughout, neck and shoulders relaxed.
  • you should also try the ITB release if you find this quads release/massage beneficial. These two releases work well together.