Lats stretch with a roller

Lats stretch with a roller

Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Lats stretch: this is a great feeling exercise that targets the superficial latissimus dorsi (lats) muscle group; a large, broad, flat muscle on the back that connects the arm to the spine and the pelvis.
lats stretch muscles targetted

latissimus dorsi


  • in standing, place upright roller an arms length away.
  • with feet and knees hip width apart and knees slightly bent,
  • bend forward at the hips,
  • keeping arms straight,¬†¬†place right palm over the end of the roller, left palm on right hand,
  • head should remain between the upper arms as you ‘hang’ from the roller, feeling the stretch especially at the edge of the shoulders,
  • hold for 20-30 seconds
lats stretch with a roller


  • aim for alignment horizontally through ears, shoulders and hips,
  • also you should aim for vertical alignment with your lats stretch through the hips and ankles,
  • don’t hold your breath. Ideally, use a deep breath in and then out to move further into your lats stretch.