Step stance balance exercise

Step stance balance exercise

This is a simple but very effective balance exercise that you can perform with or without shoes.

Set up:

Stand side-on to a wall (or heavy, stable piece of furniture) within reaching distance.


  1. Place your right foot directly in front of your left foot, leaving about half a foot’s distance in between.
  2. Keep your knees slightly flexed, neutral lumbar spine and breathe normally.
  3. Maintain for 30+ seconds.
  4. Swap feet over and repeat.


You will wobble, but your arms can be lifted out to the sides if you need them to help you with this balance exercise.

Make it

• Turn your head slowly to the right, then back to the centre, then slowly to the left.

• Repeat x5. Repeat with the other foot in front.

• Close your eyes and balance for 30+ seconds.

• Close your eyes and turn your head as above.

• Do the basic balance workout.