Single to double knee lift

Single to double knee lift

Level: Beginner,Intermediate

This is a simple abdominal exercise that is suitable for all abilities.
It will help you with your awareness around lumbar spine posture during exercise. It will also give you an idea about how well your core is functioning. If for example, you feel a big pull through your body or neck when the second knee lifts, perhaps this exercise is too hard. Similarly if you find that you are holding your breath or arching your back.

If your lift is smooth and controlled and you can breathe normally then you are ready to tackle some harder exercises.

Single to double knee lift

Set up:

  • Supine lying on the roller as per basic set up.
  • Lumbar spine neutral, feet and knees hip width apart.
  • Arms relaxed on the floor by your sides.
  • Chin slightly tucked.


  1. Breathe out and slowly lift the right knee over the right hip.
  2. With the next breath out, lift the left knee over the left hip.
  3. Then lower the right foot back to the floor, then the left foot.
  4. Now begin with the left knee over the left hip and follow with the right knee over the right hip.
  5. Lower the left foot, then the right foot.
  6. Continue to alternate the starting side.
  7. Repeat x10. 2-3 sets.
single to double knee lift


  • Your lower back will flatten towards the roller when your knees are over your hips- try not to arch or squash your back further.
  • You are just trying to maintain this low back posture without compensating- trying for smooth lifts and no jerkiness through the body with consistent breathing.
  • Keep your neck and shoulders relaxed; ribs should not “pop” or stick up.
  • Your feet should come back to the floor gently and remain hip width apart.

Make it Harder:

  • Move to elbow support only on the floor.
  • Try toe taps.