Resistance band exercises

Resistance band exercises

resistance band exercises

The video below is a 10 minute excerpt of resistance band exercises from one of ourĀ  "live" intermediate classes. The 60 minute class had a "leg" focus.

This edited piece demonstrates how to use a resistance band to work your glutes and core with 4 exercises. These exercises mostly feature a band at the knees.  The exercises are all floor based and include bridging with bent knee fallouts, elevated knees with bent knee fall outs, clams and resisted leg extensions.

This resistance band routine should take around 10 minutes and is fully instructed by Physiotherapist Fiona Naayen.

Fiona will give you loads of tips and hints for avoiding common compensations and options to adjust the exercise to suit your ability.

If you enjoy this video you should consider one of out live classes.

10 minute resistance band exercises