Standing triceps push up with a roller

Standing triceps push up with a roller

Level: Intermediate, Advanced

This standing triceps push up uses a roller placed vertically on a wall. It works shoulders, scapula and your core and is great for building upper body strength. It is a clever variation of an upright push up with a roller and can be easily progressed to an advanced  triceps exercise.

Set Up:

  • standing, facing a wall, about an arms length from the wall,
  • feet and knees hip width apart and feet flat on the floor and parallel,
  • place the roller vertically on the wall, the top of the roller aligned (more or less) with your forehead,
  • then place your right hand in the mid third of the roller. It should be just below right shoulder height, thumb on one side, fingers on the other,
  • place your left hand about a hands width below this, again, thumb on one side, fingers on the other.
  • your elbows should be straight, or slightly bent (if you suffer from neck pain) and drawn close to each other.
  • lumbar spine should be relaxed and in a neutral position.
triceps on a roller- standing


  1. gently tighten your deep tummy,
  2. gently squeeze shoulder blade muscles down and back, a little, by leaning your body weight through your straight arms onto the roller, onto the wall.
  3. maintaining your shoulder blade contractions and pressure through the roller onto the wall, breathe in and bend your elbows, keeping them close together and lower your body, plank like, towards the roller.
  4. move in the range that you can manage,
  5. breathe out as you return to the arms straight position.
  6. repeat x 10
  7. swap your hands over so that the left hand is now uppermost and repeat x10
  8. perform 2-3 sets.
triceps on a roller


  • try not to let your head drop or move forward of your body. Maintain a slight chin tuck.
  • your hips should not sag forward,
  • keep your upper neck muscles relaxed. You should only feel your shoulders and upper arms working hard with this standing triceps push up,
  • if your neck is activated, stand closer to the wall, with more elbow flexion, and perform the exercise in a smaller range.
  • try to maintain your pressure on the roller on the wall to prevent it sliding down the wall.
  • make sure the top hand remains at or slightly below shoulder height.

Make It Harder:

  • rise up on your toes and perform your triceps exercise as described above
  • rise up on your toes and then extend one leg behind you, from the hip. Don’t lose your lumbar spine neutral position though- Perform the tricep push up with a roller as outlined above and then repeat with the other leg extended
  • perform a single arm tricep push up with your hand placed mid roller and both feet on the floor but on your toes
  • try a tricep dip on the roller on the floor
  • try triceps with weights in a supine lying position on the roller