Roller hops- low impact

Roller hops- low impact

Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Roller hops are a low impact or gentler version of an advanced roller jump exercise. Jumping is something that we used do easily and often as children, without a thought about how or why. As we age we tend to jump less and less. This might be because jumping requires a strong core and legs and the ability to conjure up explosive power from within. The good news, it can be retrained! The video below demonstrates several low impact versions of roller jumps. These are suitable for osteoporotic or osteopaenic exercisers. They are also useful if you are a new to exercise or are a little timid (understandably) about jumping.

Set Up:

  • place your roller on a stable, non slip surface, with plenty of space surrounding it.
  • stand beside your roller, side on, about half way along its length,
  • feet about hip width apart and arms relaxed by your sides.


  1. bend your knees and hips and with a slight spring, step the foot closest to the roller, over the roller
  2. your other foot should follow in quick succession as the first foot touches the floor.
  3. perform x20-30 low-impact roller hops.
roller jumps-low impact


  • if this is too intense or difficult, simply step over the roller as shown about mid-way in the video. As you are able, progress to the “springing”version.
  • try not to look down as you are doing your roller jumps,
  • if you accidentally touch your roller, stop, make sure you re-align it then start jumping again.
  • use your arms for balance and momentum.

Make it Harder:

  • stand front on to your roller and step one foot over the roller, then the other. Turn 180° and step back over  the roller with other foot. Repeat x20-30.
roller jumps-low impact