Bent knee fall out with a band

Bent knee fall out with a band

resistance band exercises
Bent knee fall out with a band is an intermediate abdominal exercise when performed on the roller. The band adds resistance to the basic bent knee fall out exercise making the deep abdominal muscles  work harder to maintain your stability on the unstable foam roller.

Set Up:

  • supine on the roller as per basic set up
  • carefully, it is actually quite tricky, place a resistance band  just above, on, or just below knees (vary for comfort), by threading first one foot and then the other through the band and then moving it up to the knee area. Alternatively, with knees touching each other, tie a length of resistance band around the knees. NB always start with a light resistance band in both of these scenarios and then progress to a mid strength band as you improve.
  • chin should be slightly tucked, your back in a neutral position, feet and knees then moved to hip width apart.
  • elbows resting lightly on the floor.
  • neck and shoulders relaxed, breathing normally.

bent knee fall out with resistance


  1. slowly move your right knee out to the right side (somewhere between 1 and 2 o’clock) against the resistance of the band and then slowly return using the resistance in the band, not letting the knee ‘spring’ back,
  2. then move the left knee out, (somewhere between 10 and 11 o’clock) and then return slowly.
  3. repeat x 10 each side,alternating sides.
  4. progress to x 15-20 each side.
top view bent knee fall out with a band


  • keep your upper tummy relaxed with no rib flaring throughout the bent knee fall out with a band.
  • maintain your neutral back and gentle tummy contraction,
  • breathe in and out in time with your leg movements,
  • there should be no rocking or tilting of your pelvis.

Make it Harder:

  • progress to no elbows on the floor ie less support
  • increase your reps to x 15-20 each side
  • perform all the reps on one side repeatedly, then do the other.
  • use a heavier resistance band
  • go to the advanced abdominals page for further inspiration with your bent knee fall out exercise