Nix neck niggles

Nix neck niggles

Neck niggles are incredibly common…….especially if you sit for extended periods of time each day. The following series of 6 exercises are effective for easing neck pain. I suggest performing them in the order they are presented, twice daily or more often if desired. Ideally as your pain eases, adding in a simple neck strengthening program would help to decrease future neck niggles and episodes of discomfort. For further information on why and how you may be experiencing discomfort see the blog post “Neck Pain? Try these”

Head Nods  x 10-20

nods for neck pain

Chin Tuck x 10

chin tuck exercise for reversing poke neck postures

Upper traps stretch   x 30 seconds

stretching the neck as part of a warm up routine

Levator scap stretch  x 30 seconds

levator scap stretch as part of a warm up routine

Starfish Stretch  x 30-60 seconds

star fish stretch on a roller

Windmill x 10

windmill stretch mid way

Thoracic roll out  x 30-60 seconds

thoracic roll out with the foam roller