Intermediate no-equipment exercise routine

Intermediate no-equipment exercise routine

This is a short (15 minute) video demonstrating an intermediate no-equipment exercise routine. It shows some of the basic to intermediate exercises that are contained within the website. These exercises are also taught live via our online "Roll, Move, Improve" program. Over 15 minutes, this video takes the exerciser through an intermediate level, floor exercise routine, that is equipment free. It  was created to assist those stranded at home, without gym access or equipment, by COVID-19. It includes dead bugs, push ups, bridges, side planks and bird dog exercises. These are all graded, with easier and harder options described and or demonstrated.  


Watch any of our other pre-recorded exercise routine videos in your own time at home- coming soon is a subscription service that will allow you to watch and participate in any number of videos at your leisure. New videos will be uploaded weekly. You could also join a group class- beginner, intermediate or advanced-

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