Basic Warm Up Routine

Basic Warm Up Routine

Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced.

This basic warm up routine consists of some simple stretches and gentle range of motion movements to prepare your body for your workout. Easing into any exercise routine is always a great idea and these light intensity movements are perfect as they are relevant to the exercises that you are about to do. Ensure that when you are performing this routine that you move in a range that is comfortable and aim for a moderate stretch, especially at the neck, where it is ideal to maintain your gentle chin tuck. Hold each stretch for around 20-30 seconds. Use your breathing to transition from one movement to the next as demonstrated in the video. I would also add in quads stretches, hip range of motion and ankle range of motion exercises as well as calf stretches. These are not shown in the video below

Set Up:

postural awareness
  • feet parallel and hip width apart (determined by starting with feet together,  then moving heels away from each other, then moving toes to line up with heels),
  • be aware of your posture and think of lengthening your body from the crown of your head. Try to have your body weight spread evenly between the balls and heels of your feet.
  • your knees should be straight, but not locked,
  • pelvis neutral, low back neutral
  • deep tummy contracted at a low level ie <20%,
  • shoulder blades contracted a little so that chest is ‘open’
  • gently draw chin back (retract), whilst extending the crown of the head up towards the ceiling,
  • breathing normally into the diaphragm for several breaths.
  • you are ready to begin the basic warm up routine below-


traps stretch

active neck stretch-upper traps

levator scap stretch , in basic warm up routine

active neck stretch-levator scap

arm elevation and side trunk flexion
arm elevation in basic warm up routine

active arm elevation- in front

active arm elevation overhead in basic warm up routine

active elevation- arms overhead

trunk rotation with pec stretch
trunk rotation in basic warm up routine

active trunk rotation

pecs stretch with trunk rotation

active trunk rotation with pecs stretch

trunk rotation and pecs stretch end range in basic warm up routine

end range trunk rotation with pecs stretch

quads stretch with roller quads stretch in standing with a roller lats stretch with roller lats stretch with a roller calf stretch with roller soleus stretch with a roller