Advanced balance training

Advanced balance training

The following exercises in this advanced balance training program will all challenge your balance. They progress from simple to advanced exercises with single stance positions and unstable stance positions (as anytime you make the surface underneath you smaller or less stable, you are going to have to use more balance!). There is also a focus on glutes and core strength.


  • This program assumes that you want (or need) to improve your balance (e.g. following an ankle injury or as you age). It is structured differently to the previous programs.
  • Warm up first then I suggest that you follow the order as listed.
  • Read the instructions for each exercise thoroughly.
  • There are glutes and core strengthening exercises throughout this program.

1. Warm up


2. Step stance balance (with head rotation +/- eyes closed)  x left and right 3 each . Both legs.                      

3. Roller balance  x 30 seconds.

———————————————- repeat x2 sets ————————————————————–

4. Lunge with a roller– rotations x 10 each leg.

5. Single knee lift and lunge x 10 each leg.

——————————————–repeat x2 sets———————————————————–

6. Roller jumps x 60 seconds.

7. Drinking bird x 10 each leg.

8. Squats with a roller  x20.

——————————————-repeat x2 sets————————————————————

9. Dead bug  x20.

10. Starfish stretch x 20 seconds.

11. Advanced roller bridges  x 10.

12. Bird dog with a roller  x 5 each side.