Single leg balance and roll

This is a single leg balance exercise is designed to get the glutes activated on the standing leg while the foot on the roller moves back and forth. It is slightly harder than step stance balance because you have an unstable object underneath one foot that is also elevated.

Set up:

  • Place the roller horizontally on the floor about 20-30cm in front of you.
  • Stand mid-roller with feet hip-width apart, both knees slightly bent.



  1. Lift the right foot and place the ball of the foot only on the roller.
  2. Roll the roller vigorously back and forth – small oscillations.
  3. Keep the knee slightly bent on the standing (left) knee.
  4. Hips should be level, lumbar spine neutral.
  5. Continue for 1-2 minutes.
  6. Repeat with the left foot.

single leg balance with a roller



  • Stand near a wall if you find your single leg balance is poor; use fingertip support as necessary.
  • You should feel your glutes working on the standing leg. Keep weight into the standing leg heel to facilitate this.


Make it harder:

  • Close your eyes while continuing to roll the roller.
  • Progress to stand on top of the roller with both feet and balance (see roller balance exercise).