Basic set up

When beginning any exercise lying on the roller it is a great idea to go through this basic set up.

Please follow thisĀ  link if you are unsure how to approach laying on the Roller.

Beginner Foam Roller Tips.

As demonstrated

  • your feet and knees should be hip width apart, with your ankles vertically in line with your knees,
  • your lumbar spine should be in a neutral position, ie pelvic tilt to arch lower back away from roller and then pelvic tilt to touch your lower back onto roller. The midway position is your “neutral”.
  • engage your deep abdominal (or tummy) muscles, at a low level, without pelvic tilting or turning on superficial abdominal muscles.(Do this by gently drawing your belly button in, towards your spine, without moving from the neutral position. Squeeze your tummy muscles at about 25% or less, of a full contraction).
  • reach and squeeze your shoulder blades gently around roller to find a neutral position where your shoulder blade muscles are slightly engaged.
  • gently tuck your chin to elongate your neck.
  • make sure you are breathing normally down into your diaphragm.

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