Chin Tucks

Chin Tucks

This is a basic neck exercise that is performed without a roller. Chin tucks should be part of a neck pain relief program. They help to reverse a ‘poke neck’ or forward head posture, helping to keep the head aligned on top of the spine.

Set Up:

  • chin tucks can be performed in either sitting or standing.
  • In standing: feet and knees should be hip width apart, with your body weight evenly distributed between the balls and the heels of both feet. Your spine should be in a neutral position, with ears aligned over shoulders.
  • In sitting: feet and knees should be hip width apart with lower back supported so that your spine is neutral. Ears aligned with your shoulders.
  • gently contract deep tummy muscles,
  • slightly contract your shoulder blades muscles,
  • your breathing should be relaxed and down into your diaphragm.
  • bend your right elbow so that your forearm rests on your chest with the base of your right thumb resting on your sternum.
  • extend your right index finger so that it just touches your chin.


  1. gently contract deep tummy muscles,
  2. slightly contract your shoulder blades muscles,
  3. breathe in and as you breathe out move your head and chin straight back, away from your index finger, lengthening through the back of your neck, and keeping your eyes forwards.
  4. you will make a double chin,
  5. pause, breathe in and then relax back  to the start position, with your chin touching your index finger,
  6. repeat x 10
chin tuck with small ball


  • try to keep the rest of the body still,
  • your head should move back no more than around 5cm.
  • you can use your small ball on your spine in between your shoulder blades (as pictured below) to encourage a slight shoulder blade contraction and improve your body awareness.