Beginner Foam Roller Tips

Beginner Foam Roller Tips

How to mount your Foam Roller:

Are you new to foam rollers and not quite sure how to get on safely? Do you have a  back and/ or a knee issue and don't want to aggravate your condition? The following foam roller tips and video with explanation should help  

Set Up:

  • sitting on the floor ( or level surface) beside the roller, knees bent, feet flat on the floor,
  • roller should be parallel to your body, with one end close to your buttocks.


  1. place the hand closest to the roller, on the roller about 30 cm from the end,
  2. draw the roller close to your body, keeping it parallel,
  3. the other hand, palm down,  should be on floor beside your body,
  4. at the same time, push into your heels, contract your butt muscles and use your hand on the floor to help lift your pelvis and move your bottom onto the roller,
  5. with feet hip width apart, knees still bent, use hands and arms to slowly lower your body down onto the roller so that your head rests at one end and bottom at the other,
  6. position feet hip width apart and knees bent so that they are in line with the ankles
  7. gently tuck your chin and lengthen your neck
  8. pelvic tilt several times to find your neutral position, ( see basic set up)
  9. breathe normally into your diaphragm,
  10. you are ready to begin exercising.

Foam Roller Tips: