Roller jumps

Roller jumps

Level: Intermediate, Advanced

Roller jumps are a great addition to any exercise regime as they add a burst of cardio and help build plyometric strength. Plyometrics refers to jump training; each time you land from a jump, your muscles get a stretch. That gives your next jump even more power. The combination of stretching and contracting your muscles boosts your muscle power, strength, balance, and agility. You can either do a workout based around plyometrics, or add a few plyo moves to your usual routine. Roller jumps is also great as an impact exercise to promote bone and cartilage health. We know bones respond well to weight-bearing stimulus. See osteoporosis.The good news is that you can even do a low impact version ( see low impact roller jumps) and then progress as you are able. The following video shows a high impact roller jump.

Set Up:

  • place your roller on the floor/ground. Ensure you are on a stable, non slip surface, with plenty of space around you and preferably with sneakers on.
  • stand beside your roller, side on, about half way along its length,
  • feet about hip width apart


  1. bend your knees and hips and jump sideways over the roller, landing with knees and hips slightly bent.
  2. bend knees and hips and jump back.
  3. repeat x 20-30
roller jumps


  • try to land evenly, with feet flat, knees soft.
  • if you accidentally touch your roller, stop, make sure it has stopped moving before you start jumping again.
  • use your arms for momentum, to increase your roller jump height and for balance.

Make it Harder:

  • turn to face your roller and jump forwards over it, then jump backwards,
  • try not to pause after each jump, making your jumping continuous.
roller jumps