Advanced Abdominals-roller between knees

Advanced Abdominals-roller between knees

Roller between knees is another advanced abdominals exercise. There are 2 variations that you can try, one slightly harder than the other. This video shows both. First up is the side to side roller action. The roller is then pushed further past the knees and the harder double leg lower is shown. Make sure you breathe and be aware of your lower back positioning so that you don't "cheat" by arching your back. Gus the pug was watching for any cheating!  

Set up:

  • Supine on the floor with knees bent, feet and knees hip-width apart.
  • Neutral lumbar spine.
  • Roller beside you on the floor.


  1.  Inhale, then exhale and slowly lift right knee above right hip.
  2. Repeat with the left knee over the left hip.
  3. Reach for the roller and position it between your knees and feet.
  4. You will need to squeeze a little with feet and knees to stop it falling. There should be roller sticking out past your feet and past your knees.
  5. Inhale and as you exhale move knees, roller and feet to the right(around 1 o’clock), inhale and return.
  6. Exhale and move to the left, inhale and return.
  7. Continue to alternate sides.
  8. Repeat x10 each side.
  9. Then lower legs slowly to the floor.
  10. Repeat (2 sets).
roller between knees simple version  


  • Don’t arch or squash your lumbar spine into the floor; it will be close to the floor but just maintain that position.
  • Don’t let your body rock from side to side. Just do small range movements.
  • Keep your knees directly over your hips.
  • There should be no back pain. Decrease your reps or go back to an easier abdominal exercise if your lumbar spine is uncomfortable.

Make it harder:

  • Push the roller that is between the knees until it is flush with the knee joints and it sticks out past the feet. Breathe in and as you breathe out lower the knees, the feet and the roller towards the floor to touch the end of the roller on the floor. Breathe in and return slowly. Don’t hold your breath, let your back arch or squash into the floor. Repeat up to x10. 2 sets.
roller between knees