Generally, whenever you start a new exercise regime, especially if you have not exercised for some time it is wise to start slowly and with the basics.

If you experience pain performing any of the exercises featured on Physio on a Roll.………. STOP.

Read through the “tips” that accompany the exercise instructions.

Check your technique and execution of the exercise. If there is still pain when you perform the move again, try an easier option from the menu or omit it from your routine.

In general, all your roller exercises should be performed without back or neck pain.

The basic roller exercises are designed to help you to activate your deep stabilising muscles. These deep muscles are switched on at a low-level of muscle contraction. As such, all the roller exercises should be able to be performed in a pain-free manner.

You can use a pillow for support at your neck, at least initially, so that the chosen exercise can be performed in a pain free manner.

Similarly, if you find that the pressure of the roller is uncomfortable, drape a thick towel over the roller. Alternatively, choose a less dense roller on which to perform your exercises and then progress to a harder/denser roller as you are able.

Please note that you can also attempt almost all of the beginner exercises on the floor.
Simply master the floor position and then progress onto a roller.