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Physio on a Roll is a comprehensive, physiotherapist designed and instructed exercise site. It explains and demonstrates safe, effective exercises with a foam roller.

As a physiotherapist with over 27 years experience, I have encountered a vast and diverse range of clients. Most have or have had an injury, experience pain or have a complex movement disorder. For the last 15 years, I have concentrated on working as an exercise physiotherapist; helping people manage these conditions with exercise.

Based in a dedicated, purpose built, physiotherapy gym, I design and supervise individual and small group exercise classes. My clients include athletes, chronic pain sufferers,  cancer survivors and the elderly. Individuals with oesteoporosis as well as kids and of course, the “weekend warrior” have managed their issues with prescribed exercises.

Fiona Naayen, physiotherapist, creator Physio on a roll

Fiona Naayen

Exercise as Medicine

My aim is to promote exercise as medicine with a focus on motor control and  functional exercise . Most of my clients want to ease back and neck pain and improve their core stability. My aim is also to increase their muscle strength and flexibility and as well as their balance, proprioception, coordination and posture. 

The foam roller  has become my exercise tool of choice; accessible by all populations and its uses only limited by my imagination.


the website evolves

Over the years, many of my clients have requested a book and or photos or a video to follow. This would allow them to continue to exercise on a roller, outside of class. A comprehensive, safe and easy to follow roller resource however, did not appear to exist. Other exercise professionals seemed to confine the humble roller to myofascial and muscle releases. Or they featured advanced pilates routines that were too hard for the average person to follow. Or their exercises had no detailed explanations.  And so, an idea that I had played with for some time came to fruition as Physio on a Roll.

On this site you will find photos and videos demonstrating and explaining, in detail, core and specific strengthening exercises as well as stretching routines.

These exercises are graded from beginner to advanced with step by step instructions. You will find suggestions for correcting common compensatory actions or ‘cheats’. There are also specific routines to target back pain, neck pain and improve your abdominal strength.

**Please note,  Physio on a Roll exercises are frequently updated and the routines expanded upon. New photos are being added at present.

Physio on a Roll also shares informative blog posts about exercise, health and fitness in general.

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