Physio on a Roll is a comprehensive, physiotherapist designed and instructed exercise site. It explains and demonstrates safe, effective exercises with a foam roller.

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So a neutral spine is when all three ‘normal’ curves are present and when there are no abnormal curves. It is important to remember that we are all different and come in a vast array of sizes and shapes and that there is no “perfect” posture. 

There is an intimate relationship between your gut and your brain.  It is actually bidirectional. Just as your brain can send “butterflies” to your tummy when you are feeling anxious or nervous, your gut can relay its state of calm or alarm to the brain and nervous system.

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On this site you will find photos and videos demonstrating and explaining, in detail, core and specific strengthening exercises as well as stretching routines.

Google Reviews

  • Fiona is an excellent physiotherapist. She not only has first class technical knowledge, combined with the latest research, she also has the rare gift of intuitive knowledge, something which cannot be learned from books. She uses this knowledge and her skills in the classes to provide innovative and holistic exercises together with an empathy for everyone, patience, a sense of humour and a genuine love of her profession. Whatever injury or weakness you may have, you know you are in the safest hands along the path to recovery and strength. Thank you Fiona for making, and continuing to make such a huge positive difference to my life, and I know to many others as well. Frankie

    thumb Frankie Braden
    11 March 2021

    I received my roller to treat my upper back and knee pain after playing high level basketball for four years. Following Fiona's specific instructions I have created a stretching program to follow nightly, to release my muscles from training. I would recommend Physio on a Roll to anyone wanting to manage injury.

    thumb Jack Haydon
    9 August 2020

    A great addition to my routine! I love the versatility of this roller - perfect to exercise with (can be found on the website) or to stretch out after a day at the computer.

    thumb Hannah Wales
    29 May 2020
  • I really enjoy Fiona’s exercise classes. I find them beneficial for strengthening and increasing my mobility and movement. Her instructions are clear and well paced. Fiona takes care to address any individual issues.There are a range of exercises in a session which challenge you according to your level. I love the stretches at the end of a class too.

    thumb Yvonne Snow
    7 April 2020

    I use my foam roller for both relieving tension and building strength, and I couldn't live without it. Sitting at a desk all day, my foam roller helps undo the tension and relax my muscles; or when I need to work on my strength, I follow Fiona's tutorials which are easy to follow. I highly recommend Physio on a Roll!

    thumb Tammy Glen
    2 March 2020

    I have recently received my beautiful purple roll. I have combined yoga with my roll for a complete workout. This has added strength and resistance to my exercises. I would thoroughly recommend Physio on a Roll to add another element to your exercise routine. Thank you so much 😊

    thumb Alison Orford
    26 January 2020